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“Transforming How I See and Use Money”

Luke 16:1-13

Synopsis: Jesus begins the day with a Triumphal Entry and ends it with clearing the money changers from the Temple. The Luke 16 story seems hard to understand. But from it we can learn four things not to do with money and six things that will help the way you think about and manage what God gives you for your Financial Health.

“Facing the Fears that Ruin Relationship”

Genesis 3:6-19

Synopsis: The first human relationship illustrates three fundamental fears that weaken every relationship. Relational Health comes from applying God’s principles that will transform your relationships with others and with God.

“How to Deal with How You Feel”

I Peter 5:1-11

Synopsis: Your Emotional Health can be transformed by understanding and managing your feelings and emotions. We were created in God’s image. So, it is important to learn about God’s emotions, how God created you to feel, and how to manage unwanted feelings.

“Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind”

Romans 8:1-11

Synopsis: Mental health is big business in today’s world. Every day we have three choices to make that ensure a healthy mind. Additionally, it is so important to understand how temptation works so that we can actually manage our thoughts and enjoy lasting mental health.