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“Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”

Romans 10:8-15

Today we celebrate “graduation” from the book study “A Disciples Path.” There will be opportunity for persons to give a testimony about what they have learned. Our text shows the importance of telling what we know or have experienced. In telling what we know, we become even stronger in what we know. This is a powerful benchmark in our spiritual growth.

“The Old Normal Was Supernatural”

American culture is so interested in connecting with the supernatural and they have become impatient with the church to supply the experience. So they created their own cults, religions and T.V. shows. The original church as well as the early Methodists thought the supernatural to be normal in their lives They purposely chose to open themselves to God’s meddling. Open hearts, open minds, open doors apply also to welcoming God’s spirit.

“It’s Not About Me”

John 4:1-26

Jesus Told the woman at the well that “worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in the truth.” What does it mean to worship in the Spirit? I love it when a person who avoids worship because it’s boring gets touched by the Holy Spirit. Worship comes alive and that person can’t get enough of it. Worship is loving on God. Realizing that worship is not about me is the first step.