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How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?

Romans 5:1-11

This question along with the accusation that Christianity is a “straitjacket” will be addressed this morning. Often when faced with a “life decision” that requires a level of commitment never faced before, such issues surface. And often the question raised is not so much to get an answer as it is to avoid facing making such a difficult decision. Clear thinking brings freedom.

Make Your Life Count

Romans 8:31-39
Ever since childhood I’ve sung the rousing chorus “We Are More Than Conquerors.” I liked singing it because it was a church song with a lively beat. But it seemed like more of a pipe dream at the time. The Joy of Discipleship, of scoring runs at home plate for God’s Kingdom, of truly becoming more than a conqueror, cannot be expressed in words. “To Feel God’s Pleasure” is beyond imagination.

The Power of 3 Stories

Acts 10:24-48
Our Mission (“To Make Disciples…”) drives everything. But even the best intentions can melt away into routine. One way to keep on task and experience fresh everyday is to keep the idea of 3 stories in our pocket.