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Easter Sunday – The Reality of the Resurrection

John 20:1-23
If Jesus rose from the dead, it changes everything, even for non believers. It is not enough to simply believe Jesus did not rise from the dead. A non-believer must then come up with a historically feasible alternative explanation for the birth of the church, among other things. This is a glorious day indeed.

Palm Sunday – The True Story of the Cross

Romans 1:16-24a

The primary symbol of Christianity has always been the cross. The cross is at the heart of our faith. But increasingly what Christianity has considered good news is considered by the rest of our culture to be bad news, even ludicrous and sinister. How do we connect with our culture?

The Problem of Sin

The other issue this morning is religion versus the gospel. Human thinking often confuses Christianity with religion. In reality Christianity is an anti-religion with the way God interacts with us and the way God deals with sin. Don’t let anyone lump Christianity into the religion category. God doesn’t work that way.