“Facing the Fears that Ruin Relationship”….Genesis 3:6-19

Synopsis:  The first human relationship illustrates three fundamental fears that weaken every relationship.  Relational Health comes from applying God’s principles that will transform your relationships with others and with God.

“How to Deal With How You Feel”….I Peter 5:1-11

Synopsis:  Your Emotional Health can be transformed by understanding and managing your feelings and emotions.  We were created in God’s image.  So, it is important to learn about God’s emotions, how God created you to feel, and how to manage unwanted feelings.


“Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind” Romans 8:1-11

Synopsis:  Mental health is big business in today’s world.  Every day we have three choices to make that ensure a healthy mind.  Additionally, it is so important to understand how temptation works so that we can actually manage our thoughts and enjoy lasting mental health.

“From Stressed to Blessed” Psalm 23

Synopsis:  From this familiar psalm come seven habits that will help to eliminate stress.  Understanding what God says about rest and why resting one day every week made God’s Top Ten Commandments will open the door to peace in your life and will increase your physical health.

“Getting Closer to God” Luke 15:11-24

Synopsis:  The farther away I get from God, the more my life is troubled.  The closer I get to God, the more my life is transformed.  This very familiar story of the Prodigal Son contains 4 ways to get closer to God and to discover how that transforms my spiritual health.

“Setting Personal Goals by Faith” Philippians 3:7-16

Synopsis:  I don’t want to wait until I stand, as all of us will, before the Great Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ and THEN realize God’s purposes for my life.  I want to know now what God’s goals are for me and how to achieve them.  It is never too late to begin this as long as I have breath.

Text: John 15:18 – 16:11

Synopsis: In the 1800s evangelists traveled throughout the prairie towns of America and saw whole communities come to Jesus Christ in a single night. I asked God whether I could live long enough to see a whole town or city transform to Jesus Christ. I haven’t gotten a definite “yes,” but I’ve seen amazing things. Read more …

Text: Luke 5:1-11 and John 21:15-19
Synopsis: The word “brainwashed” came to mind when I thought of discipleship, until years ago I read a book called “The Cost of Discipleship” written by a Lutheran pastor in Nazi Germany who refused to go along with most of his fellow pastors in following Hitler and turning a blind eye to justice. He was tortured and eventually killed in a concentration camp. Now, the word “brainwashed” comes to mind when I think of today’s society that has lost touch with righteousness and holiness, and doesn’t stand for much outside of ourselves.
Sermon Series: “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World”

Text: Mark 9:33-35, 38-41; 10:35-45

Sermon Series: “New Beginnings”

Synopsis: “I can skip this Sunday because I’m not a leader. Never have been. Never will be.” But the act of skipping church is itself an act of leadership that affects others. Since every person has leadership roles, we might as well polish them up.