Adding the Church Calendar to your Phone

Posted on: January 30, 2018 at 6:15 pm, in Standard Post

Have you ever wanted to add the church’s calendar to your phone. We use a public Google Calendar. If you just want to see our calendar you can click on the link below and it will display in a new tabbed page.

Open Calendar in a new tab

You can bookmark that page if you like.

Different calendar tools use different methods to feed the church’s calendar to your phone.  Here a couple of methods.

Shareable Link for a Google calendar:

Shareable ical Link for an Apple or Windows phone:

If you need more help, watch this video to add the above ical link to your Apple Device.

Watch this link to add the calendar to Outlook:

I hope this works for you.  If not try some web searches with your favorite search engine.  With the links above, I will bet you can figure it out.

See you in church.